Baby L’s Water Birth | Roswell Birth Photographer

WELCOME Baby Lincoln!!!!! My best friend delivered her BEAUTIFUL baby girl on Thanksgiving day!! Baby Lincoln’s birth was calm, relaxing and so beautiful!!! I got the text to “head over” around 7:50 that evening. It had been a long day since we hosted our family thanksgiving but I knew that miss L was coming to join us earth side so very soon (her mom had been texting me all day). Lincoln was 5 days past her due date and finally ready! I arrived at the hospital around 8:15 and mom seemed to be doing great and was waiting for her birthing tub to be filled. Once full she hopped in and the labor got progressivly harder. I was in awe of this momma as she was so calm, so peaceful and so ready to bring this life she was creating into this world. As the room was filled with Enya and loud clicks from my camera we started to hear in her moans that it was almost time. She tried different positions and could not get comfortable and we could hear her body was starting to push. Around 10 pm it happened, she birthed this perfect little being, all 10 pounds 6 oz. of her..and EN CAUL (which is said to be a “veil of protection” and considered sacred in other countries.) She never screamed, she never cried out in paid and It was amazing and beautiful. This super woman made natural child birth look effortless and easy, she trusted her body and her birth team. Her husband was nothing but supportive, loving and present. I am so thankful that she allowed me to be apart of this moment. After many losses and heartache baby Lincoln was a beacon of hope and their beautiful “rainbow baby” to join thier family of now 4. Below are photo’s of this magnificent birth as it unfolded. 2016-01-18_0041.jpg 2016-01-18_0042.jpg 2016-01-18_0043.jpg 2016-01-18_0044.jpg 2016-01-18_0045.jpg 2016-01-18_0046.jpg 2016-01-18_0047.jpg 2016-01-18_0048.jpg 2016-01-18_0049.jpg ┬áBreaking free from the belly and her amniotic sac!2016-01-18_0050.jpg 2016-01-18_0051.jpg 2016-01-18_0052.jpg 2016-01-18_0053.jpg 2016-01-18_0054.jpg ┬áBaby L’s beautiful sac she came out in!!2016-01-18_0055.jpg 2016-01-18_0056.jpg

CONGRATS to this sweet new family of 4!!!!!

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Isabel Family Photo’s | Georgia Family Photographer

Meet the sweet and silly Isabel family! This wonderful family contacted me in need of family photos and QUICK, lucky for them I had a last minute opening. We decided to do a sunrise shoot and of course it was FREEZING (29 Degrees!!!) This family came dressed to impress. I LOVED their color options and outfit choices, these colors photograph so beautifully. If you are ever wondering what colors photograph best for fall photos I highly suggest sticking with creams, reds, burgundys and purples. Something about Cream and Burgundy stand out so wonderfully with fall/winter colors.

It was so cold this fall morning that we had to bundle the kids with a big heavy blanket in between poses, but it sure did make for some fun photo’s!!!

Below is a sneak peak for the Isabel family photoshoot, with great family photoshoot posing and outfit ideas.

















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Neff Family Photos | Cumming Family Photographer

Neff Family Photoshoot

Meet the Neff family!!! This stunning family has been with me since the very beginning (I am so sorry but, so thankful!) This was their FIRST family photo session with me, I have always just done Cannan’s newborn/milestone pictures.

This family is so near and dear to my heart and such loyal customers. Steven Neff is a minor league baseball player and Scotti Neff is the owner of Cannan’s Creations (check our her amazing shop) and as you can tell little Cannan is taking after his daddy with the love of baseball, and boy does this kid have an arm on him!!

We used one of my favorite (and go-to) parks in Roswell. It was a beautiful and glorious evening, with stunning lighting (as you can see) and of course this family isn’t hard to photograph. I loved their matching shirts, it was so creative! I loved being able to capture this family and their personalities, now here is a sneak peak from our shoot!!!!!

Lots of great family posing ideas below:2016-01-18_0011.jpg 2016-01-18_0012.jpg 2016-01-18_0013.jpg 2016-01-18_0014.jpg 2016-01-18_0015.jpg 2016-01-18_0016.jpg 2016-01-18_0017.jpg 2016-01-18_0018.jpg 2016-01-18_0023.jpg 2016-01-18_0024.jpg 2016-01-18_0019.jpg 2016-01-18_0021.jpg 2016-01-18_0020.jpg 2016-01-18_0022.jpg

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Little Family Maternity Session | Roswell Maternity Photographer

Little Family Maternity Session

Meet the little family!!! I was so thrilled to get the call from this beautiful mom-to-be when she told me she wanted to book my Maternity/Newborn package. I sure do love when people plan ahead. We had such a wonderful time, and it was SOO warm (for being November!!).

The park I use (in Roswell) is so wonderful because it had all the beautiful fall colors (still) and it has so many wonderful scenery options. Anytime someone asks me if I have a beautiful location, this is always my go-to place, not to mention the most beautiful lighting that illuminates the park perfectly.

This couple was so much fun. I know how it is being in front of the camera and can be some what intimidating but, they did everything I asked of them and I think we got some wonderful shots from it.






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Tree Farm Mini’s-Cumming GA Photographer

Christmas tree farms mini’s were a HUGE hit this year. In fact, they sold out (32 slots) in FOUR hours!!!!!!! It was so much fun!!! The first day of mini’s was bright and sunny, and the second day was cloudy (which worked out in my favor!!). We used a local Christmas tree farm that also doubles as a wedding venue…it was pretty and had lots of space to roam and lots of choices for different set ups! I make sure everyone is comfortable and has a great time for my sessions and it always shows in the photographs!! I will be doing something similar again next year but a different set up!! Here are some photos below from the tree farm mini sessions. Enjoy <3









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